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  • 简介:NICECONTROL!影片简介:有什么生存技术能让一个汉子看上往更帅气/诱人?来看看Quora上的高赞回答。 [Photo/Pexels] 获取3.8k好评的答案@James L Moyer 1. Clothes that fit. 合身的衣服。 A few of us are gifted with dimensions that allow us to purchase straight off the rack. But most men (myself included) absolutely need to have custom-fitted clothing. Do this. Cut the number of clothes you buy in half. And double what you spend on each item. You will look great and feel great when your clothes fit perfectly. 咱们中的少数人是生成衣架子,可以间接买现成的衣服,可是大部分人(包孕我本人)很是必要穿量身定做的衣服。如许做吧,把你要买的衣服数目减半,然后每件衣服花双倍的代价。当你穿戴超等合身的衣服时,你看起来会很棒,本人感觉也很棒。 2. Assume everyone likes you. 假定每小我都喜好你。 Take the lead when meeting people. Pretend you are a host or that you have the responsibility to help others enjoy themselves in a conversation. Most people are awkward or nervous in social situations, so if you take the pressure off of them, they'll love you for it and see you as more attractive. 在和他人聚会的时辰占据主动,伪装你是主人或是你有义务援助他人在谈话中感觉尽兴。大部分人在社交场合会笨手笨脚或是紧张,以是假如你让他们减轻压力,他们就会是以喜好你,感觉你很诱人。 3. Find a friend who always looks sharp. Ask them for tips for you. 往找看起来总是很时兴的同伙,向他们叨教技术。 4. Believe you are handsome. Confidence is attractive. 信任本人很吸引人,有自尊就是吸引人。 获取455好评的答案@Cynth Chan 1. Carry your prop 带上你的道具。 Book! Nothing beats a guy with a book. I really really really really like seeing a guy with a book resting near him. *Bonus point* - if he's actually reading it. 书!拿着书的汉子全国无敌。我很是很是很是很是喜美观一个汉子身旁搁着一本书的样子。加分点——假如他确其实看这本书的话。 Pet. I like seeing a guy who treats his pet well. They seem more attractive and make people assume they will actually be a good father someday. 宠物。我喜美观一个汉子温柔对待他家宠物的样子。他们看起来更有魅力并且让同伙们以为他们将来必定会成为一个好爸爸。 Scarf, sunglasses, beanie, coffee or anything that you think suits you best. 围巾、墨镜、帽子、咖啡或任何你感觉最适合你的对象。 2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Little things matter. 洁净近乎神圣——小细节是环节。 Trim your nails or at least keep them clean and tidy. 修剪你的指甲,大概,至少贯穿连接洁净整洁。 Teeth, this is so important. I secretly judge people's teeth when they talk. It's always nice to know when someone takes good care of their teeth. It gives an impression that they actually take care of themselves. 牙齿,这太紧张了。当他人措辞的时辰我会静静地评判他们的牙齿。当我知道这小我专心护理牙齿时,我会感觉很不错,这也给人以一种记忆,他们实际上也很专心赐顾帮衬本人。 3. Learn how to cook​. 学会烧饭。 You don't have to cook like Gordon Ramsay or any Michelin chefs and we don't expect you to be like them either but it would be really great if you know how to cook something simple. 你不必要像戈登·拉姆齐(英国顶级厨师)或米其林大厨那样,咱们也不期看你像他们一样,可是假如你知道怎么煮一些简略的菜式,那就真的很棒了。 A study was carried out and revealed that women find men most sexy when they are working in the kitchen, NOT when carrying 'manly' tasks. 有项研究表明女人感觉汉子在厨房事情的时辰最性感,而不是在做一些“有汉子味”的事情的时辰。 (来历:沪江英语 编纂:丹妮) 来历:沪江英语